i made my dad a birthday ecard since i won’t be home this year c:

his birthday is this sunday


this works well as a general outlook on life

i apologize for being awol from tumblr for so long so in compensation have some restaurant doodles

how bout more catlock hm

oh my god mischief crashed just as I was almost done doing linework

and i hadn’t saved because i was planning on converting it to psd



catlock doodly doodle

this is manhattan, harvey. how many black women do you see with their name on the door?


Hello everyone,

If you’re following me you may have noticed that I’m not in a good financial situation right now. My family is only made of my brother, my parents and I, no one else, and we’ve been having troubles paying the bills because my brother lost his job last month, and my father got an accident earlier this year that doesn’t allow him to work anymore. I would have liked to earn some money this summer just like last year but my health has been a problem for a little while now so I won’t be able to. And unfortunately it’s not like we have savings, we’ve always been poor…

What’s different now is that the amount of difficulties we recently encountered are seriously making me consider abandoning my studies in cinema, abandoning the idea of having a diploma and getting into a prestigious private school just so I can find a precarious job, which is for me and my parents the worst case scenario.

This school I’m talking about is the only one affordable for me - because it’s the only one offering scholarships - and it’s basically my only hope for a decent job in the field I love. All the money I’ve ever earned has been saved to pay this school but we can’t save money anymore because we live with the bare minimum. And I’m going to admit it: I am terrified. 

That’s why I’m asking for your help. Because if it continues like this I may as well have never studied anything, have never hoped for a career. Understand that I don’t want to make anyone donate more than they would be comfortable with, if you can’t afford donating it’s fine ! But maybe consider signal boosting ? 

The smallest amount would be welcome, if enough of you donate 0,5$ or 1$ this could actually allow me to finish my studies and get a decent future. I have never asked for money before and I never thought I’d come to such an extremity. I’m thankful for anyone who would offer me some help. Thank you so much for just reading this.

You can donate here or via the donate button on my blog

Also an alternative to donations would be to commission me, I’m going to open commissions for my art in a month. If you’re in the fandom of any film or series I hope you’ll be interested, I love drawing for films or series and this would obviously be really helpful.

Thank you again.

I started watching Suits and within three days I’ve become ridiculously emotionally attached to this show so expect art soon